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That said, being so brave can lead to heart palpitations, and sticking your chest out all the time can really take a toll on your spine. Leos are the sign who would benefit most from an inversion table; hang upside down a few times a day to increase circulation and re-align that spinal column. Virgos are known to be very peculiar about things, and that includes whatever they put into their bodies.

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Much like their personalities, their bodies are continually struggling to clean out the excess, to remove what's unnecessary like outward displays of emotion and this constant striving for perfection can lead to suppressing their "gunk. Well, this might seem a little all over the place, but when you consider Libras desire for balance, all of these body parts play a major part in that. Libra's quest to create balance in their lives can become so obsessive that they can lose the balance within, and that imbalance will most likely create a problem in one of these areas.

For instance, I had a Libra friend who was so obsessed with having a clean and healthy bum, she gave herself an anal fissure with her wet wipes. She will not be named here. Scorpios are most likely to suffer from chronic UTIs, yeast infections, and bacterial infections. It's not that they aren't clean; they are obsessively clean. They just have an incredibly sensitive, well Even more so than the rest of us. Sagittarius likes to party as much as they like to explore. They're always out and about, on the move, looking for answers, and searching for new philosophies. The problem with all that movement is it can lead to hip problems.

And liver problems, especially when they refuse to slow down with the partying. Capricorn, you old goat. Your sign is constantly pushing itself to aim higher, to reach the top. The problem is you try to carry the world on your shoulders with you, and the weight of that can really mess with your bones, bruh. So, the next time you're insisting on doing everything yourself, consider the idea of maybe delegating a task or two, especially if the task could potentially lead to an injury.

TAURUS — "After the Storm" — Kali Uchis ft. Tyler the Creator & Bootsy Collins

Aquarians are a nervous sign, although their nervousness is more of an outward kind, being that their bodies literally cannot keep up with the activity of their minds. The ankles are the joint that connects the entire upper body to the feet, which connect the body to the earth, and like the ankles, an Aquarian is like a human go-between for life on earth and in space. They're spasmodic, and calves, shins, and ankles are proof, as they'll receive a good zap of a charlie horse when their body needs a minute to catch up.

Pisces rule the feet and the lymphatic system, and like the lymphatic system, Pisces are sponges absorbing toxic energy that can affect their immune system. This sign is incredibly sensitive to drugs, alcohol, and substances of any kind. They are basically "bubble" boys and girls, who need to create a protective space around them energetically, or everything falls apart, and they lose their connection to the earth, represented by the feet. Taylor Swift might not be a Leo, but her bold and dramatic pop songs are made for those born under the sign.

The pop star is no stranger to singing about matters of the heart, and her latest single "Delicate" will embolden any Leo listening to chase after their wildest summer dreams.

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Zayn Malik returned with new music just in time to make an appearance on your summer playlist. The singer's latest single "Let Me" is a hypnotic and romantic pop song and every tenderhearted Virgo will find plenty to love in a song that's all about appreciating a seemingly never-ending romance. The spellbinding track of promises reflects the generosity often found in Virgos.


Each Zodiac Sign Has A Body Part That Goes With Their Sign & This Is Yours

As evident by the symbol of their sign, a Libra is all about balance in life, and the newest song from Ariana Grande is the motivational anthem they need. The message of "No Tears Left to Cry" should be a motto for every Libra this summer, with Ari reminding those listening to stay in touch with their emotions this season, but to also have some serious fun.

Meghan Trainor is adamant about accepting "No Excuses," and her groove-inducing anthem is a must have on a Scorpio's summer soundtrack.

Her bubbly and defiant track will remind any Scorpio out there to stay focused and follow their heart. Plus it's also just a really great jam to enjoy when you find yourself poolside. Any Sagittarius that finds themselves pining for a great summer adventure need only listen to "I Like It" from Cardi B to stay motivated.

The song, which will instantly get stuck in your head, has Cardi B embracing all the things she loves, and is a good reminder to those listening to experience new things this summer. You may not say "I Like It" to every new moment that comes your way, but a Sagittarius is usually enthusiastic and ready for whatever awaits them next, even if that means preparing for back to school. Capricorn is a sign of responsibility, revered for its wisdom and practicality.

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This is a sign that will get things done, and when it comes to a summer song that will inspire their every endeavor, "God's Plan" from Drake is the perfect musical motivation. Drake raps candidly in the track of his continuing efforts to succeed, despite everything that may stand in his way. And as a Capricorn prepares for a summer of festivities, this is the track that will propel them to do great achievable things, like spending the summer at an innovative camp or trying out a new DIY project.

An Aquarius summer playlist isn't complete without a song as colorful, inventive, and unforgettable as their zodiac sign.


Bruno Mars teamed up with Cardi B for this boppin' jam, and the collaboration proves totally unexpected and surprising; just like an Aquarius. Pisces is one of the dreamiest signs, noted for artistic flair and creativity. The singer recently debuted her brand new single "PYNK" and the awe-inspiring visuals, along with the fashion-forward choices , make the track a definite must-repeat for any Pisces planning to spend their vacation getting in touch with their inner artist.

taurus horoscope song Taurus horoscope song
taurus horoscope song Taurus horoscope song
taurus horoscope song Taurus horoscope song
taurus horoscope song Taurus horoscope song
taurus horoscope song Taurus horoscope song
taurus horoscope song Taurus horoscope song
taurus horoscope song Taurus horoscope song
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Taurus horoscope song

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