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Maritha also looks at talents and abilities that we may have developed in our past lives. Don't be doomed to repeat your past! Use this guide to look back so that you can learn, forgive, and move on to be happier in the future.

Past Lives Future Choices: The Astrology of Reincarnation

Toggle navigation Sivusto ladata e-kirjoja pdf ilmaiseksi! Please allow notifications to be able to download files. She has integrated her psychological training into her approach and encourages her clients to see their horoscope as a map of the psyche that assists them in making optimum choices. Her insights have been gathered in her encyclopedic work, Complete Horoscope Interpretation Pottenger is an editorial director at Astro Communications Services, where her brother Rique Pottenger also is employed. Pottenger, Maritha. Complete Horoscope Interpretation. Healing with the Horoscope. Cite this article Pick a style below, and copy the text for your bibliography.

October 8, That is, they are unconsciously attracted to people who will live out the qualities symbolized by that opposite Node.

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The problem is, if we express only one side of a polarity, the people we attract are likely to express the opposite in excess. They will overdo it! One person is overdoing the Libra need to merge with another; the other person is overdoing the Aries need for self-assertion and personal freedom. Conversely, the individual who identifies only with the Aries Node wants to live life on their own terms and be independent, and keeps on attracting people who want to marry, settle down, be together and share everything overdoing the Libra.

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Path Three : People find the happy medium between the Nodal polarities. They realize that life is an "and," not an "or," and fit the drives of both Nodes into their lives. They turn potential enemies into allies by not going to either extreme. They face their inner insecurities including those from experiences in past lifetimes and muster the emotional courage to reach a constructive balance point. By bringing together the best of both sides, they are more effective and more emotionally poised. A positive equilibrium is reached.

Some authors interpret the Nodes as "where we've been" and "where we should be going.

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The Nodes are primarily an opposition! The goal of any opposition is synthesis -- to turn the enemies into allies, to combine the best of both into a golden mean.

Talking about one Node as your "future" and the other as your "past" encourages people to fall into polarization and projection -- exactly the problems to which the Nodes are susceptible! Both Nodes relate to past lives and polarities we are striving to balance. Both Nodes relate to the future which can be bright when we achieve a pleasing synthesis! In my experience, that is generally true but with individual exceptions. One must, however, consider all factors.

Because both Nodes relate back to the Moon, either can be a point of insecurity where we feel needy, whiny, vulnerable, infantile or a point of emotional sustenance and support where we've laid a good foundation, can trust, give and receive nurturing to and with other people. Conjunctions to the Nodes Any conjunction to a Node will, first and foremost, emphasize the polarity involved. Secondly, the nature of the planet making the conjunction becomes more tied into that polarity. Power issues are significant in relationships. Following are some brief notes on planetary conjunctions.

Sun conjunct North Node : Ego and pride are tied to security needs. This person may feel safest when on stage or otherwise at the center of attention. Nurturing becomes connected with praise and admiration both in terms of what person wants from and gives to others. Close, intimate connections are expected to stroke one's ego. Creative urges are strengthened within family contexts or close ties. Sun conjunct South Node : A degree of insecurity is likely. This individual may fear the limelight -- or have problems ever getting off the stage.

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Negative feedback is likely to be extra tough on this person. They may feel creatively blocked or have fears or phobias connected to children, childbearing, love affairs, romance, men, leadership, etc. They can gain sustenance through expressing themselves and receiving positive regard. Moon conjunct North Node : The need for home, family and emotional security is extra strong. Issues revolving around dependency and nurturing are highlighted. The mother figure and the nurturing role have a strong impact on this person's sense of safety.

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Food may be their security blanket. They're vulnerable to the moods of people in their environment.

They may strive to protect themselves or others, and are working on the balance between the two. Moon conjunct South Node : Emotional vulnerability is accented in this person.


Cadent house

They may be too protective, overly needy, very susceptible to the emotions of a mother figure or other family members. They may feel lacking in unconditional love. They may fear family, dependency, parenthood, roots or emotional connections. They find more safety and sustenance by establishing strong ties, getting and giving trust to others.

Mercury conjunct North Node : Emotional security is tied to this person's mind.

If healthy, this individual finds sustenance and support through reading, learning, discussing and exercising their brainpower. If unhealthy they may be afraid to talk, write or learn -- or afraid to stop talking or exercising intellectual skills. Their verbal expression may be an indicator of their sense of safety.

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